Tibor Fekete-Szabó

Responsible for data and content - Translator

I was born in Szeged on 1985-04-30. I am currently a graduate student at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged at Romance-philology, Spanish specialization. I’m married, a I’m a proud, happy father of a daughter. Because of movement coordination and hearing problems I have changed working ability.

I have tried myself many places already, I have translation and administrative experience. I joined the HappyHelp team on October 9, 2017. I hope that with my work I will help the organization work, and there will be a fruitful relationship between my colleagues and the help-seeking partners who are interested of the homepage of HappyHelp. I speak advanced Spanish, intermediate leveli n English, German, Italian and Portuguese. If you have any language difficulties, look up / search with confidence.