Kata Kovács

Coordinator of donations

Helping and donating have never been alien from me. I has been a volunteer for years at Newborn Babies' Lifesaving Foundation of Szeged and I do service for HídCommunity which I attend since 2015. I am a believer since 2013.

I think it is good to get but better to give! Giving fills up your heart while getting fills only your hand. I am grateful that I am the member of a good team where not only do we help each other but we also work for a good purpose. Organizations helping children or animals are close to my heart.

Having transplanted kidneys I know well the ups and downs of life but I never give up! I'm the representative of the Sport and Protection of Interest Assotiation for Transplanted People in Csongrád County. I live in a happy marriage with my husband, Péter Kovács.

HappyHelp is a job where it is most important to help others, even it is a person or an organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to work here in a good team, for good goals! I hope I canbe a useful and valuable colleague for a long time!