What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - so why do we want to get rid of barriers?

2018 02 23

The death of progress is convenience, a life without challenges and barriers. You may have heard it from many gurus already, in the name of positivity. But what kind of barriers is it true for? For every kinds of barrierr?

For example, would it be a good idea to abolish power steering from cars? What a good exercise it would be to make your arms stronger, working out in your car! I started driving in a car like this, strenghtening my muscles every time I had to turn round in a narrow street. But in the 1980s, when I started driving, there were less cars, most of the drivers were only "weekend automobilists". There were time then to turn round without a power steering, sometimes you even could pitying enjoy how a skinny woman was desperately trying to turn, twisting the big steering wheel in the cross-fire of men's gaze.

But now there are more cars, people are more nervous and busy, spinning around all the time. If the things that were once made to be accessible easier would be harder to get again, would that mean that a slower world would be better at the same time? Would we be more patient? When we make something easy to access, free of barriers, do we something wrong?

I was born with hearing impairment, almost deaf. This fact determined my destiny in many aspects, my disability put me back in many situations. On the other hand, it could also protect me. Not to mention that my hearing aid, as a tool that makes things accessible, enabled me to answer to challenges otherwise I would never face with.

For example, without a hearing aid, I couldn't hear the offensive words, and so I wouldn't know the right reaction to them. The point in making the world accessible is not the comfort it offers but giving the chance to everybody to give answers to the real questions of their life. So they can deal with those problems and difficulties that will bring their life forward and can result in the progress of their character and in happyness.

Maybe today it is easier to drive a car, no matter how big it is, but still it is more dangerous . Not like 30 years ago, now There are too many cars, the speed is up, it is more stressful to drive in spite of the safety accessories.

Maybe the expression "accessability" is a bit misleading. It doesn't mean that you have easy access to everything. "Accessability" only enables you to concentrate on how to overcome those really important problems that will bring you forward if you can solve them. So you can have the strength and the energy to pay attention to what is really matters in life. So life can go on. But for this everybody should have the chance to decide on their own!

For next time we invite you to think about what does accessibility mean in the world of internet, what can it make easier?