HappyHelp is committed to provide help Hungarian NGOs working for public benefit, making them more effective, according to the possibilities and the sponsors. We offer to our partners: web and infrastructure services, web and mobile application developpment, web accessiblility services, translation, writing and managing applications, consultation, etc.

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Web Development

Creating websites for corporations, NGOs and individuals including storage and domain administration. If you already have a website but it is out-of-date and can't satisfy the demands of our present, turn to us. We create you a brand new webpage or renew the old one.

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Web Accessibility

The web is ours, let's everybody has it. If you would like your webpage to be appropiate to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ) and be accessible according to every aspect, then visit us! So everyone will be able to find you. For NGOs we provide our service for free. Because tomorrow is for everybody who is ready to snatch at the chance.

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Translating/Proofreading Beside translating full website contents, we help private individuals communicate in English and in Spanish. Principally we translate into and from English and Spanish. Our service is for free but we are happy for any donations that support our services.

Screenshot: Project Management

Project Management

We write applications and shoulder project management for corporations and NGOs. You share your ideas and we open up the possibilities for you. After a brainstorming and harmonizing the details we set up your personal material for the application so you can get the biggest support to realize your conceit.

Screenshot: Comsultancy


Personal consultancy (ask for appointment here: link): Writing CV, social guidance, advising trainings to further personal progress., assistance for potential entrepreneurs and employees.

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We would like to be the link between those who find social responsibility important and those people who need help doing the first steps after a turning point in their life. We build our relationships actively and extend them through more channels. We would like to support who are really in need so we follow with attention every case of donation. It is a principle that we do not store or aggregate. We try to find the best beneficiary or we pass on the articles offered to other NGOs

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